Finding Transcendence

Saturday Evening Posts
July 11-17 Edition

Finding Transcendence

May 10, 2015, Sunday

When people ask me why I left the capital and chose to live in the province, I would always say it's because "angels brought me here."

That is the truth in the highest sense. There was somebody who popped that question just when I was feeling introspective.

"I was looking for something and I found it here," I said simply. "Then I decided to stick around. I made new friends. I got a house in the city. I found a job and here I am."

They thought I was talking about finding romantic love. That would come later. What I really meant was that I found healing for my emotional wounds. 

I felt it as I swam far out alone in the sea every night. It was a sense of knowing that I have in me the spark of the divine from my Creator, that my inner being transcends the pain I was going through at that time, and that I can rise above whatever else that will come my way.

Angels Brought Me Here

Jonathan Aquino's Journals

May 23, 2015, Saturday

I asked my Higher Self why people are so greedy. I seemed to have lost our telepathic link. Or my mind is too clouded to hear him.

I just got some of my other stuff from my apartment. The former landlord has opened my room even though I'm paid until June. I asked for the money he borrowed but he said he's still waiting for the new boarder to pay. He can't understand that he can't give the room to anybody yet. He cannot even see that and I transferred because I'm so disgusted by his greed.

I believe the human race is worth saving if it's on the brink of destruction, like a zombie invasion similar in World War Z, but it's an entirely different thing to expect people do what is right all the time, and to be emotionally dependent on their actions as the basis of your inner peace. There will always be those who just give humanity a bad name.

World War Z


Forgiveness, he says, is an act of self love. You forgive those who hurt you not because you love them, but because you love yourself. It means you respect yourself too much to let negativity corrupt your being. ~ Everyday Wisdom
When the winds of outrageous fortunes blows, and when the applause has died down and the crowds have all been gone, I turn to within. When all is said and done, I still have myself. I still have me. ~ Diamond