My Favorite Song From Michael Cretu

July 8 Wednesday Songs

Love Me

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"Love me, need me, that's all I want from you..."
Johnny is always authentic, unmindful that he totally defies expectations. He's not swallowed by the system because he transcends it. I find it so empowering because I can relate in my own more obscure unconventional ways. ~ Johnny Depp My Biggest Influence
Then the widow's young son dies, and the people are about to kill him, convinced that he has brought a curse. But Elijah brings the boy back to life, and they saw that his God is more powerful than Baal who lives in one of the mountains outside the city walls. ~ Paulo Coehlo's Journeys To Enlightenment
"All I know is that we've found the strength to make it through..." ~ Peabo Bryson, Love Always Finds A Way
Huggybear said…

"...that's all I want from you..."