Monte Cristo 4 and The Secret 1

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August 29 to September 4

The Cathedral of Monte Cristo

Episode 4

"Why?" replied the young man, looking out the window again. "Are there communist rebels here now?"

The woman shook her head. "It's much worse," she said cryptically, busying herself with packing her husband's lunch. "Let your uncle tell you that himself." She looked up. "I just want you to be prepared."

"For what, Aunt Maya?"

"For what you will hear."

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Huggybear Diaries

The Secret 

Part 1

April 28, 2015, Tuesday

I spent the entire weekend feeling good and radiating positive vibrations.

 I just returned Rhonda Byrne's The Secret to a friend, whom I'll call Rowena, who lent it last Friday. She asked me what I thought.

I said it was life-changing. You always have to think and feel positive, I told her. It's all about groove.

To Be Continued Next Saturday

The Secret
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"What is it, Aunt Maya?" asked Crisostomo, pretending not to read her mind. "You've gone pale!" ! ~ Episode 3
It's like choosing our college subjects to get our degree. We are here to study, metaphorically and metaphysically - and to graduate to achieve a higher degree. I think there's no conflict between destiny and free will. We create our own destiny through our choices. It is our actions in the "present" that creates our "future," on that level of reality where linear time does not exist. ~ Rammasun Morning Meditation