The Cathedral of Monte Cristo (Episode 3)

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August 22-28

The Cathedral of Monte Cristo

Episode 3

"He'll be happy to see you!" smiled Aunt Maya, taking the siopao. "But I must ask you a favor," she continued, as the smile ran away from her face. "It's for my own peace of mind."

"What is it, Aunt Maya?" asked Crisostomo, pretending not to read her mind. "You've gone pale!"

"I know you miss this place," she began, hesitant, "but whatever happens, you have to be home before nightfall!"

To Be Continued Next Saturday

Huggybear Diaries

May 10, 2015, Sunday

It just turned exactly five in the afternoon as I write this on my phone.

I'm sitting on the trunk of an uprooted tree in the park-like area behind the Ayala mall. 

A lot of things have happened in the last week. I did a bit of traveling around the island this weekend: Talisay the other day, Naga yesterday and Apas in the capital city earlier. 

I keep reminding myself to take the path of least vibrational resistance and that I had attracted everything that is happening to me through my own vibrational frequency. These are two of the most life-changing lessons I learned from Abraham Hicks, and because of him, my life is never the same again.

Abraham Hicks 

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"Aunt Maya?" the teenager called out, sensing everything inside and smelling the ambrosial aroma of caldereta chicken. Inside, the sounds of footsteps approached, and the wooden door opened. ~ Episode 1
"Don't you worry about me, Aunt Maya," he smiled, getting a paper bag out of his backpack. "By the way, I brought your favorite siopao! Let me take Uncle's lunch to him." ~ Episode 2