Monte Cristo 7 and Going To The Moon

Saturday Stories
September 19 Edition

The Cathedral of Monte Cristo

Episode 7

"Well?" asked the boy.

"Truth is," Tonying said sheepishly, “it…burned down last…But everyone will tell you it was an accident!

“What about the man who was living there?”

"No one has seen him yet!"

"But he has a servant, a hunchback, who goes to town for supplies," said Andong. “His corpse has been found. There was only one.”

"Crisostomo, I think you should know," said Benjamin. "One of the young men that's been found drained of blood…"

Crisostomo looked away at the distant mountains, feeling a stab of pain, knowing already what his uncle was about to say.

"What about it?" he managed to say.

"That was Agapito," Benjamin sighed. "Your childhood friend..."

To Be Continued Next Saturday

Going To The Moon

March 21, 2015, Saturday

If I were to live in the moon, I would welcome the silence and my soul would find strength in solitude.

I'm talking about the side always facing the earth. The moon does not rotate so a lot of astronomers are not even aware of the nonhuman civilization on the other side. The clairvoyant Ingo Swann and some of the other psychics from the U.S. and Russian intelligence agencies had seen those sentient beings.

I was asked by a friend about what book will I bring if I were stuck in the moon. On my short list is Far Journeys, Robert Monroe's memoir about his out-of-body experiences. I found a rare copy of that classic by some intuitive flash earlier this week. I've already read it twice in the last three days.

Then I asked my friend a question: what you do if you had no book, no DVD, no games and no Internet?  He seemed shocked. I guess most people cannot even imagine life without outside stimulus. They would have no "fun."

Robert Monroe On Out Of Body Experiences 

Ingo Swann On Remote Viewing

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"Nobody has lived there for centuries!" said Andong. "A father massacred his entire family there, and then he hanged himself! Why, my grandmother herself, God bless her soul, told me that the house is cursed!" ~ Episode 6
"When the moon disappears forever..." ~ Stonebolt, I Will Still Love You
I know now what I've always felt: that I'm not alone. I have returned to the land of the living, taking with me a sense of indestructible hope that, whatever happens, there is a better life after this one waiting for us somewhere else. ~ Touching Wisdom Inside Your Mind (Part 3)
A practitioner of hilot, the ancient art of healing indigenous to the Bondoc and other northern tribes in the Philippines, has to develop his consciousness to move up the seven levels of training: from chiropractic-like massage therapy to being able to heal victims of witchcraft. ~ How "Hilot" Works