The Cathedral of Monte Cristo (Episode 10)

Saturday Stories
October 17 Edition

The Cathedral of Monte Cristo

Episode 10

At that same instant, he was immediately surrounded by what sounded like the cries of countless souls; from the walls can be heard the lamentations of those drowning in the fires of Hell for all eternity.

He covered his ears, feeling he was about to die of sheer fright. Untold millions of dead people are calling out to him for their salvation. Or for his own condemnation.

Then, complete silence.

Padre Amidala was ashen, shaken to the core. He struggled to get up. When he looked behind him, he screamed and fell again.

A man was standing over him., his cape the color of a deep grave.

"Who the hell are you?" demanded the priest, his voice pitched higher than normal. "W-What are you?"

The stranger just smiled.

Padre Amidala crawled backwards. There was something strange in the intruder's teeth.

They were sharp.

To Be Continued Next Saturday

Huggybear Diaries

November 29, 2014, Saturday

It drizzled a bit as I was cooling down from my open air workout earlier.

At dawn and did yoga and calisthenics on the park behind where I presently live, as is my weekend ritual. 

I then went to the market for my usual breakfast fare of bananas and chopsuey. Then it seriously rained and I took shelter in an Internet shop, listening to the audio recordings of Esther Hicks as she channel the entity Abraham while watching parkour videos.

When I got out, it was still raining. As I stood under a sidewalk roof, I amused myself by wondering what would happen if I teleported to my house: those who would see me vanish will probably freak out. I can do it when I'm in my astral form, but then again, nobody will see so it's safe.

Abraham Hicks
The Biggest Missing Piece

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Jonathan Aquino said…

Padre Amidala felt his entire being gripped by the tentacles of unfathomable terror. The priest began to be afraid, not only for his life, but for his immortal soul. ~ The Cathedral of Monte Cristo Episode 9

Huggybear said…

I will just let them come as I release all negative vibrations that are holding them back ~ A Lesson From Abraham Hicks