The Cathedral of Monte Cristo (Episode 18)

Saturday Stories
December 12 Edition

The Cathedral of Monte Cristo

Episode 18

"But," protested Daddy Groovy "don't you think I might want to talk to him about something else?"

"Like what?" asked Ruffa May. "Oh, never mind!" She rolled her eyes. Then a thought struck her. "Oh!" she exclaimed. "If I call him, he'll think I'm madly in love with him!"

All three of them were stumped by her dilemma.

The imaginative secretary figured out a way, though. "I know!" she said brightly. "I'll tell Monica to call him!"

"Wait a second, Monica is with the archives at the basement," said Daddy Groovy. "Why not just ask Benny, who's next to your desk?"

"We're not talking, Daddy Groovy."

"Why not?"

"Because we just broke up!"

To Be Continued 

Invasion of The Astral Lizards

Episode 2

I sat on the edge of the exit platform. On the other side of the field was a suburban area with children playing on the street.

In another scene I was riding a bike-like flying machine. I thought it was so cool. Suddenly, gecko lizards came out of the small engine. They scrambled up my legs. I threw them away one by one.

I landed the flying bike in the middle of an empty street. There were no houses, just fields of grass on both sides of the road.

I took off my clothes to get rid of the lizards. On the bend of the road I heard a vehicle approaching. I saw in my mind'seye an image of a gray SUV full of nuns. The last thing I remember was quickly trying to put on my jeans before they see me naked.

The Dawn

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Huggybear said…

I was jolted by static when I touched it. I tried again but it didn't work. I continued walking. ~ Invasion of The Astral Lizards Episode 1