Angels Brought Me Here

Saturday Stories
April 15, 2017


I still have a photograph of me. This is my latest desktop screensaver at the office.

I love animals. I find it much more pleasant to reach into their minds, as compared to humans with all that swirling mass of thoughts and emotions.

I love the countryside, being with nature, away from the noise. I thrive in silence and solitude.

I think I'm one of the few people in the world who will survive, and even enjoy, deep solitary confinement.

Here is a brief excerpt from my one of my books, which I've written when this video was shot.


When people ask me why I left the capital and chose to live in the province, I would always say it's because "angels brought me here." That is the truth in the highest sense. There was somebody who popped that question just when I was feeling introspective. "I was looking for something and I found it here," I said simply. "Then I decided to stick around. I made new friends. I got a house in the city. I found a job and here I am."

They thought I was talking about finding romantic love. That would come later. What I really meant was that I found healing for my emotional wounds. I felt it as I swam far out alone in the sea every night. It was a sense of knowing that I have in me the spark of the divine from my Creator, that my inner being transcends the pain I was going through at that time, and that I can rise above whatever else that will come my way.

~ The Huggybear Diaries, March 28, 2017