One Hundred Days More

Saturday Stories
May 20, 2017

I ask myself: what if I have only one hundred days left to live? The thought plays over and over in my mind. I keep coming back to the same answers.

I find it ironic that people will see what is important in life only on the verge of death. What matters most? When all is said and done, it is not the parade and the fireworks, but the little things often taken for granted.

If I am living on borrowed time, I know what I'll have to do. I'm already doing most of them. Of the many things I've written, I have left out more, like those things.

But if I were to die now, on this moment, I am ready. I've been ready for a long time. I know I have nothing to fear, and I have no regrets. Who I am now, whatever people perceive me to be, I would rather be me than be somebody else.

Joyce (Mylene Dizon) is at her prime when she learned about the cancer. The malignant cells are spreading rapidly all over her internal organs. The doctors have confirmed that any medical intervention would be pointless. Joyce has accepted her fate rather than fight what is inevitable.

It is a secret between Joyce and her best friend Ruby (Eugene Domingo) at first. She doesn't want to tell her mother, Eloisa (Tessie Tomas) because she saw how her mother had suffered when her father died of cancer. But as time went by, her body is beginning to succumb, and nobody can hide it any longer.

"You can’t go first, don’t you understand?" Eloisa cried. "A mother shouldn't see her child die." 

A Film By Chris Martinez

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