Swindler's List

Saturday Stories 
May 13, 2017 

The fashion model and wealthy bachelor Bam Bonifacio is every girl's dream. Women find him sexy. It's no wonder that Daisy (Alma Concepcion), a rich but lonely woman he met on Facebook, fell in love with him. Daisy was even more impressed when she discovers that Bam is the sponsor of a rural public school in a remote province.

Bam Bonifacio (Kiko Matos) is too good to be true. Or is he? While he is high up in the mountains, he tells Daisy he has an emergency: the child of a friend of his had died but he couldn't send money at that moment. Could Daisy send 20,000 pesos to his friend's bank account?

Meanwhile, Greg (Alex Vincent Medina), a young man with a gift for acting, has also fallen for Daisy. He is beginning to feel remorse about setting her up.

This is the story of the Cinemalaya film Babagwa, written and directed by Jason Paul Laxamana.

Things become even more dangerous when Greg is being blackmailed by the manipulative and vindictive Marney (Joey Paras), his talent manager and the mastermind of the entire scheme. There's only one thing left for Greg to do, but in a world of lies, even the truth can destroy him.


Photo courtesy of ShowbizNest.com