Does God REALLY Exist?

You are about to see one of the hottest and most controversial videos on the World Wide Web. There are many faces of evil, and for every generation comes an event that seemed its incarnate: Nazism, communism, Islamic fundamentalism. It makes you wonder why God lets these things happen. There was even a book by a Jewish rabbi titled, Why Do Bad Things Happen To Good People?. It is a question that has haunted humankind for millennia; and the answer has proven to be the most elusive in the history of human thought and reason. It reminds me of the Arnold Schwarzegger film End of Days, where the Devil, played by Gabriel Byrne, said that God is the greatest underachiever, but He has the best publicist of all time – when something good happens, “It’s God’s will”; and if something bad happens, “God works in mysterious ways.” It is precisely stuff like this this that quickens one’s prayers, and tests and affirms his faith, or shows its shallowness and hypocrisy.

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