The Raw Face of Evil

This is one the most heart-wrenching videos you will ever see – a group of teenaged boys being swept away by raging floodwaters. You will first see them hanging on some floating debris, and as they went under the Marikina Bridge, one by one they have disappeared. Tropical storm Ondoy (international name: Ketsana) is forever etched in the collective memory of the Filipino nation as the worst and most widespread natural disaster in the last half decade. Hundred died, millions have lost their livelihood and possessions; the number of those still unaccounted for are numbing, and the death toll – now from diseases in the refugee camps – is still on the rise. Now we are on the midst of another typhoon – Pepeng – and a traumatized people, still reeling from the flash destruction that changed their lives, is bracing for the worst , but still praying for the best. Watch the harrowing video. Photo courtesy of