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My Top 5 Favorite Barry Manilow Songs

“We're not alone, 
we've got the world you know; 
and it won't let us down, 
just wait and see...” 

It's Just Another New Year's Eve

I Made It Through The Rain

All The Time

If You Were Here With Me Tonight

Somewhere Down The Road


What's The Most Enchanting Movie You Ever Saw?


My Favorite Philippine TV Commercial

Aga Muhlach is one of the greatest influences in my life from my teens up until today. That’s why I’m starting to wear gel again. It’s gonna be wax next. After my next salary. I grew up with, and almost became a service crew, of Jollibee, too! I also see myself someday raising a beautiful family. I know the permanent sense of loss of growing up without a father and a mother, and maybe that’s why I was touched to my very soul. What surprised me most is that…I actually think I have a soul?
I’m proud to say that my idol Aga is the star of “My Favorite Filipino Movie” here on 2Rivers. Photo courtesy of

You Don't Talk About The Death Penalty During New Year


2Rivers Presents "Pretty Woman"

In case I forget to tell you later, I had a really good time tonight.” – Julia Roberts’ Vivian to Richard Gere’s Edward in Pretty Woman, now showing. Photo

The World's Perfect Cone Can Be A Cornucopia of Destruction