As Sure As We Pinoys Shout Psst!

As Sure As We Pinoys Shout Psst!
By Jonathan Aquino

Zeus said: I was in Egypt yesterday,
I saw Seth standing by the Nile;
He was singing Don’t Know What To Do
Don’t Know What To Say
            and Eraserhead’s With A Smile

And Atlas shrugged and said:
Zeus was having an affair with Cleopatra,
And Seth, together with Lea Salonga,
Are auditioning for Phantom of the Opera

And Hera exclaimed: Seth’s going to New York!
And he’ll be an illegal immigrant, yes!
I knew it! she added, he’s pro-American, that dork!
He’s an assassin from the CIA no less!

Aphrodite was startled: Whaaat? She said
Cleopatra’s a terrorist? It figures, she added,
She’s an Egyptian! Probably anti-Semite!
She’ll bleed Shylock and have her hair rebonded

Loki replied: Hey, let’s be fair and reasonable
Whatever’s her mission, she finds it justifiable!
Don’t forget our friend Seth, starving, in misery,
caught between the moon and New York City

Medusa had something to say too:
Would you believe I never use shampoo?
Last week Seth went to House of Kuya –
they’ll probably solicit from Mayor Vilma.

And Prometheus said: I’ll save Sharon Cuneta!
Free me from bondage, let me post bail!
I’ll call Captain Barbell and Commander Gringa!
E-mail the Argonauts and we’ll set sail!

I don’t believe it! said Mercury, stunned
You mean Petrang Kabayo killed Donald Duck?
It’s not even hunting season, he reasoned
And added: Another quack bites the dust!

Neptune queried: What’s the murder weapon?
Whatever it is, he probably stole it from Vulcan
I think it’s a bomb, dynamite or TNT
I’ll ask Dyesebel, but right now she’s out at sea.

Orion almost fainted: Oh no! he said
Flipper’s gonna blow up Taiwan!
My idol Chow King Zoo will be dead,
Then Aquaman will go after the Mexicans!

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Photo courtesy of Bits Of Rock
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