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Your Signature Can Make A Difference
Remember Aesop’s fable about the thirsty crow? Let’s call him Vince Perez. Stumbled upon a half-empty bottle of Chivas Regal. Can’t reach his beak inside, you see, so he got some ice cubes until he got a shot of scotch whiskey on the rocks.
           Great things start from small beginning, goes the Milo slogan. Little things accumulate. I am proud to say that I have signed the petition to stop mining in Palawan.
I did that last March and my blog 2Rivers has been carrying a self-made banner link to the sign-up website since then.

Good news: Palawan is unique for its rich but delicate biodiversity. Here’s the bad news: the ground underneath is so thin and fragile so any excavation threatens to sink the entire island.

Join us in saving Palawan. Sign up by clicking THIS.

A Stormy and Thankless Job

Weather is, by nature, unpredictable. That’s why we used to have the tradition of naming tropical depressions with girls’ names, an ode to the fairer sex’s famous…

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What It Takes To Be Worthy
Thor is the son of the king and chief deity Odin and heir to the throne of Asgard. He is the master of  Mjolnir,  the hammer of the gods forged from a star, the power of which defies imagination.

Stuff like that can get into your head. So even though his courage in battle is legendary, he grew up cocky. When he disobeyed his father and unilaterally attacked the lair of the Ice Giants with a small coalition of willing friends, like what George W. Bush did in Iraq, he was exiled.

What he did was right, but the whole thing turned into a disaster, so he was wrong – and that’s the way of the world.

On earth, he had to endure unimaginative mortals to get back Mjolnir, and he was shocked to high heavens when his hammer wouldn’t budge. Even gods gets disappointed, not the most reassuring thing to hear, but at least they know where we’re coming from when we bombard them with prayers.

I love Anthony Hopkins, truly, but Sean Connery comes to mind as Odin.

Thor is lucky, the …