February 4 to 10: Jaime Licauco, Danton Remoto, Joe D'Mango, Carl Balita, Radio High 105.9, BR 104.3, Magic 89.9, Easy Rock 96.3, RJ 810 AM The Voice of the Philippines, 92.3 NewsFM, Pinas 95.5 FM.

February 4 to 10 issue
Stories & Videos: Jaime Licauco, Danton Remoto, Joe D'Mango, Carl Balita, Maricel Halili, Radio High 105.9, BR 104.3, Magic 89.9, Easy Rock 96.3, RJ 810 AM The Voice of the Philippines, 92.3 NewsFM, Pinas 95.5 FM.
Videos: Corona Impeachment Trial Days 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10
 More Videos: Qui gong from the National Geographic, Madonna’s Causing A Commotion, Steven Spielberg's Close Encounters of The Third Kind, Toto Sorioso’s Stay, Lisa Loeb’s Stay, Reality Bites, The Knack’s My Sharona
 Even More Videos: Duran Duran's New Moon On Monday; OMD's If You Leave; Pat Benatar's We Belong; REO Speedwagon's Can't Fight This Feeling; John Denver's Autograph. Tito Mina's Both In Love; Ric Segreto's Lovin' You; Odette Quesada's Friend of Mine; Kuh Ledesma's 'Til I Met You; Starship's Sarah; Industry's State of The Nation; Irene Cara's What A Feeling; Spandau Ballet's Round and Round;.The Boyfriends' Nais Kong Malaman Mo
 Artists of the Week
 English OPM: Cacai Velasquez
Tagalog OPM: Toto Sorioso
Beyond OPM: Jim Croce

 The Corona Impeachment Trial

Day 6

Day 7

Day 8

Day 9

Day 10

Huggybear Goes Up Close and Paranormal

Qui gong instructor and numerology expert Nicholas Packard was the guest two weeks ago on  Inner Mind On Radio, hosted by the country's foremost paranormal expert Jaime Licauco with Charmaine Cruz. Thanks Jimmy for reading my SMS on air!

"Is there a specific breathing pattern in chi gong? I do an inhale-hold-exhale with a 1-4-2 count ratio. Is there a specific diet for chi gong? What are you supposed to think of when you perform chi gong? More power Jimmy, Charmaine and Nick. Thank you and may the chi be with you. Sincerely yours, Huggybear."

Nick says qui gong breathing has no hold, just straight in & out. I'm starting to learn qui gong, and he said I'm not supposed to think of anything at all. Just focus on the movement

"I got the moves baby, you got the motion," sings Madonna, "if we get together we'll be causing a commotion!"

Tis presumptious to think we are alone in the universe. Here's my text message for the September 25, 2011 episode of Inner Mind On Radio, (DzMM 630 khtz AM, Sundays, 8 pm) when the guest was Tony Israel, president of the Philippine-based UFO Society.

The show has a live telecast on cable channels DzMM Teleradyo and The Filipino Channel. 

Jaime Licauco himself read it on air and I'm glad that it made him laugh:

I don't blame superior beings for not wanting to have anything to do with our primitive race. If the nearest alien specie is worse than humans, then that's really scary!

Kailanman, Saan Man, Huggybear!

On the night of January 8, 2012, I was tuned in to Ibayong Pinoy, the OFW-oriented show on 92.3 NewsFM, hosted by MaricelHalili and Atty. Mike Templo, where I got this fascinating tidbit:

Tarsier monkeys, found only in Bohol, apparently have suicidal tendencies. In this country, animals as neurotic as humans!

It's more fun in the Philippines!

During the fireworks and dragon-dance celebrations on the eve of the Chinese Lunar New Year on January 22, 2012, Maricel read my message on air.

"From Jonathan Huggybear Aquino: Remember the controversial transfer of OWWA funds to PhilHealth? Was there any concrete benefit to OFWs? Where are the funds now?"

She said they'll invite officials from PhilHealth and the Overseas Workers' Welfare Administration so they can shed light on the matter on a future episode.

Thanks Maricel and Kiung Hei Wat Chai!

Pansit Danton: Celebration of Pinoy Pop Culture

I came across Danton Remoto's on 92.3 NewsFM show while radio surfing. * I admire him for promoting Filipino culture. Around 10 p.m. on January 20 2012, Friday, I learned it was the birthday of artist Malang, lawyer and TV personality Dong Puno, revolutionary hero Graciano Lopez Jaena and writer and political leader Leon Ma. Guerrero. 

Danton, a prolific writer and Ateneo University professor, also gave a lot of Filipino riddles which gave me nosebleed.

Here's my SMS read by Danton sometime on January 23. Thanks Prof!

"It's nice to take pride in one's cultural heritage. Your show is a celebration of Pinoy pop culture and that's cool."

Messages are 160 characters max, so I wasn't able to tell him that I'm doing the same thing through 2Rivers.

Huggybear’s Love Notes To Joe D’Mango

Say "Love Notes" and the first thing that comes to mind is "Joe D'Mango." From Magic 89.9 to Wave 89.1, Joe D' Mango is now in DzMM Teleradyo, the cable TV & AM radio channel ABS-CBN.

Joe D'Mango is still reading the letters sent by his legion of listeners, giving advice and playing the best of timeless love songs.

Joe has a groundbreaking segment, Midnight Serenade, where new and established musical artists sing live at the studio. I salute Joe D'Mango for shining the spotlight on promising talents.

On the January 17, 2012 episode, the guest was acoustic singer-songwriter Toto Sorioso, whose version of Stay wowed even Lisa Loeb. "Amazing," she had tweeted.

Here's my text message to Joe D'Mango, who, God bless his sweet and sentimental soul, read it on air.

"Hello Joe! Midnight Serenade is definitely one of the best shows on air! Kudos to promoting original Filipino music! Congratulations, Toto! Can I request Is It Okay If I Call You Mine? Thanks! Sincerely yours, Huggybear."

Who Are Better Entrepreneurs, Men or Women?

Entrepreneurship guru Carl Balita has empowered thousands of Filipinos to build their own businesses through livelihood seminars, business franchise opportunities and of course, by the insights and inspiring stories of the guests in his Radyo Negosyo show on DzMM.

On January 14, 2012, it was Girl Power with the exuberant founders of the Network For Enterprising Women.

Carl Balita likened the difference to the way people engage in, I knew it was coming, sex. Women go for foreplay, men go for orgasm. I know I do for the latter, and it depends on my partner for the former. There was a mock debate where everybody was invited to send their two-cents via SMS, all in the spirit of fun. Thank you Carl for reading my message on air!

"From Jonathan Huggybear Aquino, Manila. Carl, men are better than women in cooking, what more in business? The world's most successful entrepreneurs are men. Bill Gates has already been mentioned. So let's cite Rockefeller and Carnegie during the birth of the industrial age. Locally, there's Enrique Zobel, Vicente Madrigal, Andres Soriano, the Elizalde brothers, Geny Lopez. Then again, no man can be successful without a woman behind him, be it wife, mother, sisters, cousins and friends. PS: I love love your sex analogy. More power to you and your happy guests! Sincerely yours, Huggybear

High On The Holidays

In the days leading to Christmas 2011, I tuned it regularly to the Christmas songs marathon on Radio High 105.9 (which is different from the kudos-deserving jazz station 105.1 Crossover). What I enjoyed most are the acapellas and choral songs. The most beautiful musical instrument is still the human voice.

Also on December 2011, my morning background became 104.1 BusinessRadio. I like the easy-listening baby-boomer groove, and the temporary change because I always tune in to DzMM 630 AM.

Listening To The Voice of The Philippines

Turning the dial, I would tune in to the English shows in DZRJ 810 AM -which should not be confused with their FM station RJ 100.3 The Voice of The Philippines.

Wanting to hear English shows, I got into the habit of tuning in to Johnny Midnight's back to back Bizarre Bar and Midnight Connection programs. One of my earliest memories are the satanic rumors about him. (See also Thank God No Ghost) 

After that, from midnight to dawn, it's the live telecast of the BBC World Service.


While writing articles on December 23, I tuned in to Friday Magic Madness, the weekly retro extravaganza of Magic 89.9 FM. The deejay was Tyler, who consecutively played

Duran Duran's New Moon On Monday;

OMD's If You Leave;

Pat Benatar's We Belong;

REO Speedwagon's Can't Fight This Feeling;

and Restless Heart’s When She Cries.

The Ol’ Reliable

The FM station I love most is 96.3 Easy Rock, used to be W-Rock. Its selections is the soundtrack of my life. I call it the Old Reliable.

In a world of constant change, it's comforting to know that I can just tune in and hear the same intelligent less-talk format and my favorite timeless songs.

That same afternoon, I swung by. What came on, after the station ID sung by Erik Santos, was one of my all-time favorites:

John Denver's Autograph,

Next was Crystal Gayle's A Long and Lasting Love. I was overjoyed when they played original Filipino songs 4-in-row:

Tito Mina's Both In Love;

Ric Segreto's Lovin' You;

Odette Quesada's Friend of Mine;

and Kuh Ledesma's 'Til I Met You

Always Nice To Hear

Raymond Stone was the deejay when I tuned in to Pinas FM 95.5. On Fridays, they go retro. Some of the songs they played are

Starship's Sarah,

Industry's State of The Nation

and Irene Cara's What A Feeling, the theme from Flashdance.

At 10:41 a.m., Friday, January 20, 2012, the song was Spandau Ballet's Round and Round.

Then there's The Boyfriends' Nais Kong Malaman Mo.

It's always nice to hear original Filipino music!

Artists of the Week

English OPM: Cacai Velasquez
Tagalog OPM: Toto Sorioso
Beyond OPM: Jim Croce


Jaime Licauco: Vera Files http://verafiles.org/2010/10/31/the-halloween-man/

Corona Impeachment: Ang Panglilitis http://www.angpaglilitis.ph/

Mulan: Spongebob http://spongebobandfriendsadventures.wikia.com/wiki/Emperor_of_China

Aliens: UFO Digest http://www.ufodigest.com/egerton.html

Tarsier: Filipino Traveler: http://filipinotraveler.com/2008/11/the-philippine-tarsier/

Danton Remoto: GMA http://www.gmanetwork.com/news/story/241756/news/nation/lgbts-go-caroling-at-cbcp-to-protest-discrimination

Dragon: CCEL http://ccel.ca/2012/01/17/happy-chinese-new-year/chinese-new-year-2012-dragon/

Love Notes: Komikero http://gerry.alanguilan.com/archives/364

Carl Balita: CEB http://www.carlbalita.com/cebgroup/index.php?option=com_seyret&task=uservideoslist&Itemid=177&from=0&userid=62

Radio High: Radio Online Now http://radioonlinenow.com/2011/07/14/listen-to-radio-high-105-9-lately/

BR” e-Radio Portal http://www.eradioportal.com/index.php?p=2&aid=1&sid=12

DzRJ: Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/DZRJ-AM

Magic: Pinoy Television Radio http://pinoytelevisionradio.blogspot.com/2011/10/our-favorite-filipino-pinoy-tv-radio.html

Easy Rock: Radio Online Now http://radioonlinenow.com/2009/05/27/96-3-easy-rock-gets-jingles-from-reelworld/

Pinas FM: Radio Online Now http://radioonlinenow.com/2011/06/28/listen-to-dwdm-pinas-fm-95-5-they-play-more-opm/

OPM: MP3 Live http://mymp3video.blogspot.com/2010/10/original-pilipino-music-opm.html
Spinning The Dial While Writing Something

I listen to the radio while working, surfing for songs within the entire bandwidth. Here are, haha, 3 jokes from 3 Phippine FM radio stations, overheard January, 14, 2012
1. Energy FM: Used to be, couples wait when the moon is round before they get married. Today, couples wait until the girl's stomach is round before they get married.
2. YesFM: A boy was ordering softdrinks from a waitress. She asked, "Coke or Pepsi?" "Pepsi." "8 ounces or 1 liter?" "8 ounces." "Bottle or can?" "Bottle." But the guy was already exasperated. "Never mind! Just give me water instead!" The waitress replied, "Viva or Wilkins?"
3. Win Radio: A customer was complaining to a waitress. "What's this, coffee or tea? It tastes like gasoline!" "That's coffee," assured the waitress. "Our tea tastes like paint!"
Here is an example of narrative poetry with a supernatural twist. I hope you like it
This story originally appeared in Philippine Graphic, December 4, 2006

Once Upon A Time In Manila
By Jonathan "Huggybear" Aquino

Jose Javier Reyes Hospital, second floor:
I was making tumpik-tumpik on the corridor;
Then a guy approached, some dude
wearing a blood-red Che Guevara shirt,
Giordano Blues, no socks and no shoes.

He nodded at me and I did likewise.
“Where’s your ward, man?” I asked.
“Last one on the left,” he said, and “Hey!”
“Hey what?” I asked, surprised,
and he said he saw me the other day
downstairs when he has his x-rays.

He asked me if I had some cigarettes
and I said, “Yeah, but we can’t smoke,”
and he said, “Rules, rules, rules!”

“Oliver,” he said, and “Pioneer,” I said, and he
asked what the heck I meant. “Me,”
I clarified. “That’s my name,” I said, and he
replied, “What a weird thing to call anybody!

Just then, a man rushed past, ignoring us,
And banged at the Nurse Station, and an intern,
Florence Nightingale she’s not, told him to shut up
and finished her text joke, probably to Dr. Creep,
then she put on some make-up.
Finally, they went to the farthest ward.

Oliver said, “My ward, and added, “My dad.”
“That’s my old man,” he explained, and said, “Mi Padre.”
“You freaking hablo Español?!” I asked, amazed.
“Un poco” he said. “A little. My dad and I,”
he confessed, “are not on speaking terms,” and I
of course, would never ask why. I nodded:
it’s always wise not to volunteer advice.

“I’m into astrology!” I told him with pride
and asked his sign. “Aquarius.” he replied,
and solemnly, like the Oracle at Dolphy,
I revealed he was born on the sign of water,
and he was speechless in wonder
at my profound wisdom. “Your favorite song,”
I said, “is Cool Change,” and he nearly cried;
“Little River Band!” he joyfully said, in a voice
loud enough to wake up the dead.


“They’re pumping now,” he said.
I said nothing, just nodded.

“By the way, who’s with you?” he asked.
“Nobody,” I said, my sorrow masked.

We were silent for a moment.

“It’s over,” said Oliver.
I nodded. “Life,” I said, brooding.
He nodded too. “And Death,” he said, sighing.

A little while later,
there materialized an orderly,
pushing a stretcher,
a dirty white sheet over
the mortal remains of Oliver.

We shook our heads dolefully
as it passed through us squeakily
Sunday two weeks ago, the guest on Inner Mind was a very chirpy young lady who works in a funeral parlor. Here's my unread SMS. Trivia: Dan Akroyd plays a mortician in My Girl, with Jamie Lee Curtis, Anna Chlumsky and Macaulay Culkin
There was no guest on Inner Mind yesterday so everybody was invited to send their questions. Here's mine, read by co-host Charmaine Cruz.

From Jonathan Huggybear Aquino, Manila. How effective is subliminal hypnosis using your own recordings? Thank you and more power!

Jimmy said that subliminal hypnotic recordings can be effective but only if you're in mid-sleep, or the state between sleep and consciousness.

Alpha Level
I read an article about a very famous, multi-awardwinning Filipino actor whom I won't name. Nope, this is not a showbiz blind item. Apparently he and his entire family got US Green Cards by virtue of his achievements.

I sent this SMS to Iba Yong Pinoy yesterday, read on air by Maricel.

Hi to both of you! Attorney Mike, is it true U.S. citizenship can be given to exceptionally talented people? Thank you, God bless!

Mike Templo, a popular news anchor, TV morning show host and one of the most popular immigration lawyer in the Philippines, said yes.

Apparently there's this thing called Extraordinary Ability Alien. Not only that, but a lot of celebrities and writers have gotten their Green Cards because of it.

Mike is starting a new show this Thursday on TV5 titled Insider, an investigative broadcast journalism show. He said he spent 2 nights in a maximum security detention cell in the Bilibid penitentiary.

That's so cool! I super admire people with guts!
Been here, done that. Done what?
Scripts http://www1.appstate.edu/~bodorw/Class_Templates/TempList.htm
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"I have looked into your eyes with my eyes. I have put my heart near your heart."

~Pope John XXIII
“Friendship is born at that moment when one person says to another: "What! You too? I thought that no one but myself . . ."”

~ C.S. Lewis