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March 31 - April 6

Fiction: Saturday Night Drive Itchyworms Olivia Newton John

Saturday Night Drive

I wrote this as a teenager in 1993. First time published
He was floating pleasurably, drifting aimlessly, swaying on a vast well of darkness. The great unknown? He mused. He was slowly surfacing.
           His reverie was broken by a loud, metallic clanging, and he was instantly aware of the silence that descended. That’s funny, he thought I was not aware of the noise till everybody shut up. He smiled. His smile faded when the metallic noise stopped in front of him. He looked up quickly and through the bars saw what made the noise. Of course, it was the nightstick running across the metal bars. What else could it be, his mind registered. He looked at the cops’ eyes. He was still hazy but somehow he was aware of the evil in the air. He, the cop, started to say something but apparently changed his mind. The sneer on his pudgy face wasn’t any comfort either. He turned and walked away.
            He was indigna…

Huggybear’s Favorite Itchyworms (Tagalog) Songs

Gaano Ko Ikaw Kamahal

Huggybear's Favorite Olivia Newton John Songs

The Best of Me (see also Huggybear's David Foster Songs)
Summer Nights with John Travolta (from Grease)
I Honestly Love You
I Can't Help It with Andy Gibb
Rest Your Love On Me with Andy Gibb
Suddenly with Cliff Richards

March 24 - 30

Luis Gonzales
Jimmy Sieczka
Charice Pempengco
Juan Miguel Salvador
Cyndi Lauper

Remembering Luis Gonzales
When I was a young boy, my late grandmother, who was of Spanish descent, would order me to sleep after lunch. One of my earliest memories was sneaking to the living room downstairs during her siesta to watch TV, mostly vintage movies on channel 9. I remember Luis Gonzales dancing as the partner of the living legend Gloria Romero in the popular comedy musical Manang Biday. So I was sad when I heard last week that Luis Gonzales had died. He was a matinee idol and a leading man during the first Golden Age of Philippine Movies in the 50s, and he was also part of my happy childhood memories in the mid 80s

Why Kill The Messanger?
I saw Jimmy Sieczka’s 20 Things I Dislike About The Philippines before it was featured on TV Patrol and removed from YouTube. Yup, we Filipinos buy and unrefrigerated meat, and we don't have tissues in most public toilets - excuse me, "comfort rooms."


Huggybear's Favorite Cyndi Lauper Songs

True Colors

What's Going On

Time After Time

Huggybear's Favorite Juan Miguel Salvador (English) Song

You Got The Power

with Randy Santiago and Gino Padilla Theme from Ninja Kids

Huggybear's Favorite Irene Cara Songs

Out Here On My Own from Fame

What A Feeling Theme from Flashdance

Fame (Remember My Name)

Anyone Can See

My Favorite Songs From Roel Cortez

Sa Mata Makikita

Iniibig Kita

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March 17 - 23

Ramon Magsaysay.  
Bodjie Dasig   
Karl Roy
Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark

Why The World Needs Magsaysay
During World War 2, the atrocities of the invading Japanese soldiers forced young Luis Taruc to go to the hills and establish the Hukbalahap, a communist insurgency army. After the war ended, the charismatic peasant leader continued his struggles – this time against abusive government officials and cruel landowners. But when he saw the sincere efforts and the incontestable integrity of the new President – the former Defense Secretary who was his mortal enemy – he then finally bid farewell to arms: “I no longer have any reason to continue,” he told the then 21 year old Ninoy Aquino, the President’s emissary. “Most of what I’ve been fighting for is now being done.”             President Ramon Magsaysay has become the symbol of good government. That a man like him became Chief Executive and Commander-In-Chief is testament that God used to love the Philippines. Like Dwight Eisenhower, his…

Huggybear's Favorite Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark Songs


If You Leave

So In Love

Huggybear's Favorite Kapatid (Tagalog) Songs

Hanging Out



Fade Away

Huggybear's Favorite Advent Call (Tagalog) Songs

Puting Ilaw

Memories of Our Dreams

Huggybear's Favorite P.O.T. (Tagalog) Songs

Piece of This

Love To See

Monkey On My Back


Don’t Blink

Huggybear's Favorite Bodjie Dasig (Tagalog) Songs

Ale (Nasa Langit Na Ba Ako)

Bakit Ngayon Lang

Sana Dalaw Ang Puso Ko

Siguro Ay Ikaw Na Nga

Napakaswerte Ko

March 10-16

Featured Artists: Joey AyalaEngland Dan & John Ford Coley
Stories: Yam Laranas' The Road,Insight From Ishmael Bernal, Priceless Tip From Francisco Colayco, I Am Number Four

Huggybear's Favorite Filipino Movie of 2011
Ella (Barbie Forteza) sneaks out late at night with her best friend Janine (Louise De Los Reyes) whose boyfriend Brian (Derrick Monasterio) is teaching her to drive using his mom's car. They got lost on a deserted road, pursued by a driverless phantom car. Be-medalled supercop Luis (TJ Trinidad) searches for them, and faces the zombie-ghost victims of the weirdo loner (Alden Richards) who lives in a house of spirits. I don't always say this, but I’m really impressed with the screenplay of The Road, directed by Filipino Hollywood filmmaker Yam Laranas.  It’s simply the best Filipino film in 2011 and one of the best Filipino films of all time

Yam Laranas

Insight From Ishmael Bernal 
I have a friend who has lent a big amount of money to a mutual friend. It…

Huggybear's Favorite England Dan & John Ford Coley Songs

Just Tell Me You Love Me

Sad To Belong

Love Is The Answer

I’d Really Love To See You Tonight

We’ll Never Have To Say Goodbye Again

Where Do We Go From Here