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Our Daily Bread: Inspiration For All Seasons

May 26-June 1
I wrote this in 2005. This is the first publication
A story is told about a thirteen-year old boy who was dying. On his deathbed he gave Charles a sheaf of papers filled with writings on both sides. “I want you to give this to my mom and dad,” he said. “It’s a list of all the fun we had, all the times we laughed.”             Years went by. Then one day, Charles tried to do his own ‘joy list’ but faced a blank wall. Dave McCasland continues, “But as he began looking each day for the moments of laughter, satisfaction and joy, his list began to grow.”
            That was just one of the hundreds of stories in the 2005 Our Daily Bread. Year after year, this book continues to move, comfort, nourish and renew the lives of thousands. Another illustration of the joy of spreading God’s word is the tale of the famed violinist Fritz Kreisler. He kept giving away all his earnings so that when he beheld the most beautiful violin he ever saw, was too broke too buy it. It took him quite …

May 19-25

I can relate to the irreverent, maverick, hippy cowboy character of Robin Padilla in Di Na Natuto. Sharon Cuneta plays one of their farm cowherders, so naturally, they have horseback riding moments for the fans. His brother (Edu Manzano) tried to poison their father the governor (Subas Herrero), and to protect the secret that he's not a true son, kidnaps Sharon and kills her mother (Nida Blanca). Robin's sidekick is NiƱo Muhlach whose dad is Subas' loyal friend Amado Cortez. It was shot in the lahar wastelands of Pampanga, exactly where I was just passing through that moment, nearly midnight on the last week of January 2012. The DVD ended while the bus was traversing the slithering, intestine-like mountainside road to Olongapo

Sometimes I can sense what others are thinking, sometimes it doesn't work. How do you develop telepathic consistency? That was my question to Nomer Lasala when he was guest on Heard On Thursdays on Monster Radio RX 93.1. It was read by talk show h…

May 12-18

A person, first and foremost, is a spirit. What happens to him is in accordance with his own spiritual path, which is perfect, even if it's a tragedy in this world. This was the answer of angel guru Noynoy Ozaeta to my question on why, despite having their own angels, kids die in freak accidents. Perhaps this explains why bad things happen to good people

I was in Antipolo when I was kid. I've lived in various places since then. I remember I almost almost fell off a cliff in Siniloan, Laguna and was chased by a giant goose in Cabiao, Nueva Ecija. Just recently, I got my free Coke in Lubao, Pampanga during the Coca-Cola blowout. Thank you Mr. President For Happiness! But Manila is always special. Manila is where I first fell in love, where my heart was broken into a thousand pieces, the kind of pain when living seemed pointless. But Manila is also where I crawled back, got up, recovered and was able to move on again with my life

I used to work for a Manila-based newspaper doing sp…

May 5-11

As a writer, I appreciate brevity. Yes. So did the Athenians of Ancient Greece. Philip of Macedonia, father of Alexander The Great, told them: "If we capture your city, we'll burn it!" The king sent a one-word reply: "If."

A young boy as trying to lift a boulder but it was too heavy. He told his father he was using ALL his strength. "No," his father smiled, "because you haven't asked me to help you yet."

Huggybear loves Jose Mari Chan. My favorite Filipino Christmas song of all time is A Perfect Christmas. My favorite Filipino song of all time is Constant Change. Whenever I hear A Love To Last A Lifetime, I always think about my parents. The music of Jose Mari Chan is in my heart and in my soul. See the videos

Truth be told, the average time I spend on Facebook (when I go online) is 5 to 10 minutes. Max

I tried to stop a truck racing towards me like that scene in I Am Number Four