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October 27 to November 2

ANU, the ruler of Nibiru, sent delegations of Anunnaki to earth, led by his sons EN.KI and EN.LIL, millennia ago. Nibiru, the seventh planet in our solar system coming from outside, needed gold to shield its vanishing atmosphere. EN.KI ruled the AB.ZU, in Africa; EN.LIL ruled the seven Cities of the Gods in E.DIN, off the Persian Gulf, where the highly advanced Sumerian civilization would later appear. But the Anunnaki on the AB.ZU, complaining of hard labor, staged a mutiny, as described in the Akkadian text Atra Hasis. The solution was to create an Adamu, or earthling, in their image, to serve them. 

Nibiru orbits the sun every 3,600 years; that is one year for Anunnakis, and later generations of humans would regard them as deities because they seem to be immortal. 

EN.KI's sign is the entwined copper serpents, symbol of healing and genetic engineering, with its double helix DNA motif. The copper serpent was also Moses' weapon against the pharaoh's magicians. 

EN.KI's s…

October 20-26

Sex-only relationship: no hassles, no complications. What's the point of loving? Ces (Angel Locsin) reasons. Love only limits you - and in the end, inevitably, it will make you cry. I love the breakfast scene where Mackie (John Lloyd Cruz) cooks bacon after a wild night while Ces bonds with his housemates. How do you describe that gesture, when you sort of say, "Duh!" or "What kind of an idea is that?" but in a friendly way? You should come here every day so Macky will do the cooking, the landlady says, and Ces gives that cute expression. 

My favorite dialogue is when Mackie told her: I can't change your past or take away your fear of being hurt again - only you can do that; all I can do is to love you, and wait, and hope. The scene with Ces waking up as Mackie sings Binibini on the guitar is nice

But my favorite scene is when Mackie's housemates (Edgar Allan Guzman, Boom Labrusca and) entered his room and began singing Ikaw Ang Aking Mahal. He was amused…

October 13-19

I first heard of Marilou Diaz Abaya when I read a now out-of-print collection of the movie reviews of the film scholar and critic Isagani Cruz in the mid-90s. That book really taught me to appreciate movies, especially Filipino movies, so much so that I would tend to applaud the director more rather than the actors. Isagani was very vocal about his admiration for Marilou, pointing out the significance of even camera angles; In Brutal, for example, Amy Austria plays a battered woman, and there's a scene where she is sitting at the edge of the screen, that shot showing her feelings of being cornered, of being trapped in a situation that is suffocating and ultimately fatal to her spirit. It's sad when I first heard just last Oct. 12 that Marilou, one of the greatest Filipino filmmakers of our time, has died. By way of paying tribute, here's the link to watch, in full, her cinematic masterpiece, Rizal

Watch Rizal

The (sadly) now-defunct radio station NU 107 had a tagline: &quo…

Huggybear's Favorite Bryan Adams Songs

Summer of '69

Straight From The Heart


Everything I Do (I'll Do It For You) [Theme from Robinhood: Prince of Thieves]

Have You Ever Really Loved A Woman  [Theme from Don Juan De Marco]

I Finally Found Someone (with Barbra Streisand) [Theme from The Mirror Has Two Faces]

All For One (with Sting and Rod Stewart) [Theme from The Three Musketeers]

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Huggybear's Favorite Eric Clapton Songs

Change The World [Theme From Phenomenon] 

Tears In Heaven 

I Shot The Sheriff

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Huggybear's Favorite Dire Straits Songs

Walk of Life 

Money For Nothing 

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Huggybear's Favorite Queen Songs

A Kind of Magic [Theme from Highlander]

Watch the full Highlander movie
Bohemian Rhapsody 

Crazy Little Thing Called Love

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2Rivers Presents "Highlander"

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Huggybear's Favorite Bon Jovi Songs

Blaze of Glory  [Theme from Young Guns 2] 

Bad Medicine 

Livin' On A Prayer 

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Huggybear's Favorite Eagles Songs


The Best of My Love 

The Long Run 

Love Will Keep Us Alive 

New Kid In Town 

Tequila Sunrise 

Hotel California 

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Huggybear's Favorite Binky Lampano Songs

Hallelujah I Love Her So

Kwentong Looban

October 6-12

The music of rock icon Binky Lampano brings back my gypsy teen years, and therefore, part of my life's soundtrack. I instantly liked Hallelujah I Just Loved Her So when I first heard it in the 90s. "Let me tell you 'bout the girl I know...!" Then there's Buhay Looban, a vivid, typical morning inside a slum area, complete with housewives gossiping and a guy borrowing a tabloid so he'll have something to "trip on" inside the john. I first heard them in LA105, the (sadly) now-defunct radio station that actively promoted "alternative" music, like songs from Joey Ayala and Grace Nono, which weren't given enough airplay in mainstream stations. So I was really happy when I saw Binky, in tux and sneakers, rock the stage during the 25th anniversarry of the TV Patrol evening news, telecast live on Aug. 6, 2012 on ABS-CBN. It's electrifying to see Binky Lampano with Basti Astadi of Wolfgang and rock god Pepe Smith of Juan De La Cruz, with a l…