Monte Cristo (8) and My Own Fortress of Solitude (1)

Saturday Stories
September 26 Edition

The Cathedral of Monte Cristo

Episode 8

The Cathedral of Monte Cristo was empty. A large stone edifice on a hill overlooking the village like an idol, it evoked visions of Spaniards, horse-drawn carriages and ancient souls. Even the pavement outside was cobbled, mute witness to the footsteps of time.

On a large cross on the altar, a life-size statue of the Son of Man gazed across the empty pews with an air of unfathomable sadness, for the redemption of souls is but a myth. The only illumination in this forbidding place was candelabras discreetly placed in recessed corners.

The darkness seemed to have a life of its own: an amorphous entity, breathing, as if in anticipation for a primitive ritual.

To Be Continued Next Saturday

My Own Fortress of Solitude

Episode 1

May 14, 2015, Thursday 

Superman and Jor-el. Ironman and Jarvis. Judge Dredd and Central. Luke Skywalker and The Force. The "Boy who saw True" and Elder Brother.

For the past weeks I've been reading books and watching videos about them. They are all connected to a source of knowledge that transcends time and space. I do too.

"I need advice," I told my Higher Self.

"What you need is clarity," he said.

"How do I get it?"

"Reach into your inner sanctum."

To Be Continued Next Saturday

The Fortress of Solitude
From Smallville

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"Crisostomo, I think you should know," said Benjamin. "One of the young men that's been found drained of blood…" ~ Episode 7
I went online today just to listen to Andrea Bocelli.
Nibiru orbits the sun every 3,600 years; that is one year for Anunnakis, and later generations of humans would regard them as deities because they seem to be immortal. ~ On Zecharia Sitchin's Divine Encounters: A Guide To Visions, Angels and Other Emissaries from our October 27, 2012 edition
On a quiet lazy afternoon earlier this week, there is something I didn't include in my journals. Inspired by Robert Pirsig's metaphysical classic, I call it Zen and The Art of Electric Fan Maintenance.