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Crossing Over

Huggybear's Stories June 28 to July 4 Edition
April 20, 2014 Sunday
My life is full of serendipity and synchronicity. It's a beautiful Sunday evening. I'm in my room reading John Edward's Crossing Over.
I remember my spirit being moved when I read his first book, One Last Time. It inspired to write "Line To Heaven," one of my many magazine articles about what people label as paranormal.
The editor in the magazine where I regularly submit thought that story about a psychic medium who talks to the spirits of the dead is too controversial. 
On the other hand, this is also a message of healing. I find it life-affirming. My story about what happens when people die is a really a celebration of life.
John Edward Crossing Over

May 5, 2014 Monday
One of my core values is being keen on the results of a personal project. Does it give me what I want? If not, what should I do to make it work? 
I've been planning to enroll in a gym in SM mall because the office gym is not…

The Jets

June 25 Midweek Musical 

Huggybear's Favorite Songs From The Jets 
Same Love 


Make It Real 

Somebody To Love Me

Rocket To You 

Christmas In My Heart

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Everyday Wisdom

Huggybear's Stories June 21-27 Edition
May 4 2014 Sunday
It's really funny. Just when I've to the point where material acquisitions don't matter to me, I realized that buying a tablet is a good idea.
What appeals to me is that I can watch, and take notes at my own leisure, the videos of my spiritual mentors like Wayne Dyer. I was tuned in again to Wayne's Every Day Wisdom earlier.
Forgiveness, he says, is an act of self love. You forgive those who hurt you not because you love them, but because you love yourself. It means you respect yourself too much to let negativity corrupt your being.
Learning to let go is a way of honoring your being. If people judge you, it's a reflection of their character, not yours.  A heart full of love cannot spread hatred. You can't get apple juice from an orange. You can only give what you have.
Wayne Dyer Everyday Wisdom

I found a bit of solace away from the maddening crowd. I got a piece of crinkle biscuit and a mango shake for…

Luther Vandross

June 18 Midweek Musical 

Huggybear's Favorite Songs From Luther Vandross 
Best Things In Life Are Free  with Janet Jackson  [Theme from Mo Money]

Mo Money

I'd Rather 

Dance With My Father 

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City of Immortals

Huggybear's Stories June 14-20 Edition
April 7, 2014 Monday, 4:50 p.m.
Text to my childhood friend GD
Ay naku, bro, ang buhay ko ngayon ay puno ng irony. Kailangan magtrabaho para magawa ang mga dapat gawin. Pero di magawa kasi may trabaho. Pwede naman pagkatapos, pero pagod na at kailangan maglaan ng oras para magpahinga. Eh, mukhang di na ako sanay sa buhay na rumarampa kasabay ng mga bampira at mga pokpok. Para bang hinahanap ng katawan ko ang tulog sa gabi. Kaya ngayon, di ako makatulog. Dun na ako aantokin sa trabaho mamaya.  
April 21, 2014 Monday
Dream Journal
The school corridor is like in the film Sixth Sense where Bruce and the boy were saying goodbye.
I didn't see dead people, at least not on that scene.
I was walking alone. Along came a girl I'll call Lucy, a coworker in my waking life. She came up from behind and walked rapidly ahead, obviously in a hurry.
 "Go," I told her, urging her. I was being sarcastic, thinking about certain people who are alw…

Richard Marx

June 11 Midweek Musical 

Huggybear's Favorite Songs From Richard Marx 
Endless Summer Nights 

Now and Forever 

I Can't Help Falling In Love 

Right Here Waiting 

Hold On To the Nights

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Parkour vs Vampire

Huggybear's Stories June 7-13 Edition
April 16, 2014 Wednesday

Dream Journal
I gazed up. I was standing under a complex geometrical structure that looked like a Lego train set. The sky above it was gray and it was getting dark. The hive-like thing was being built by my foster father who had died in my waking life almost five years ago. It's supposed to be a series of living quarters like condominium units connected by roller coaster walkways.
I warned him it's dangerous because a strong earthquake is about to hit. I also pointed out to him that the exposed floors of these hanging rooms were made of thin wood. I sensed that the workers doesn't care about the stability. I knew it was doomed to collapse. I even acknowledged, in that dream state, how solid and reliable my intuition is.  Even more significant, I wasn't afraid of the coming earthquake because I even declared what I've always known in my waking life: that no harm would ever come to me.
Suddenly there…

Al Jarreau

June 4 Midweek Musical 

Huggybear's Favorite Songs From Al Jarreau 

Spain [I Can Recall]

Boogie Down 

After All 

Never Givin' Up

Let's Pretend


The Christmas Song 

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