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My Favorite Songs From Electric Light Orchestra

July 29 Wednesday Songs

Midnight Blue

Roll Over Beethoven

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What's Odd About Thomas?

Saturday Stories July 25 Edition
What's Odd About Thomas?
January 21, 2015, Wednesday
I watched Odd Thomas and I found it a struggle to avoid comparing the movie to the book. I just finished reading it the other day.
As a reader I was deeply moved and as a writer I was really impressed with its effortless grace. I've read a lot of Dean Koontz's novels and this is what I liked best. I like Anton Yelchin as Odd. The film is fine on the main elements except for Odd basking in the media spotlight which is totally out of character.
I think the people behind the film are not aware of how deep the story really is. They didn't include Terri, the owner of the restaurant where Odd works as a short order cook; and they reduced Odd's mentor Ozzie to a tasteless cameo. These are two of Odd's emotional and psychological anchors. I had John Goodman and Michelle Pfeiffer in my mental movie version. I would consider it a great privilege to have people like them in my own life.

My Favorite Song From Stonebolt

July 22 Wednesday Songs

I Will Still Love You  

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A Lesson From Abraham Hicks

Saturday Stories July 18 Edition
Feeling The Alignment January 21, 2015
My priority from now on is to find alignment with the source energy of the universe. I'm a soul. I'm a being of vibration. I won't even think too much about it anymore. If I concentrate on what I want, it brings my vibrations to the fact that I don't have it.
I will just let them come as I release all negative vibrations that are holding them back. This is the lesson I'm taking in today from Abraham after listening in to one of Esther Hicks' seminars as I went online to unwind.
I've published the original version of my short story "A Thousand Summers" as a series which will appear every Saturday. Today is the third episode. My video streams of my favorite songs from The Beatles, the Across The Universe series, will run every Wednesday starting this week with "Here Comes The Sun" as the opening song.
I watched the Filipino films Lola (about an old woman in a world infes…

My Favorite Song From City Boy

July 15 Wednesday Songs


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Finding Transcendence

Saturday Evening Posts July 11-17 Edition
Finding Transcendence
May 10, 2015, Sunday
When people ask me why I left the capital and chose to live in the province, I would always say it's because "angels brought me here."
That is the truth in the highest sense. There was somebody who popped that question just when I was feeling introspective.
"I was looking for something and I found it here," I said simply. "Then I decided to stick around. I made new friends. I got a house in the city. I found a job and here I am."
They thought I was talking about finding romantic love. That would come later. What I really meant was that I found healing for my emotional wounds. 
I felt it as I swam far out alone in the sea every night. It was a sense of knowing that I have in me the spark of the divine from my Creator, that my inner being transcends the pain I was going through at that time, and that I can rise above whatever else that will come my way.
Angels Brought …

My Favorite Song From Michael Cretu

July 8 Wednesday Songs

Love Me

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A Thousand Summers (Episode 16)

Saturday Evening Posts July 4-10 Edition
A Thousand Summers
Episode 16
That night, I sat at the park in Ormoc, stunned by the unbelievably clear water of the bay. It has been more than a decade after the tragic flood that almost decimated the entire town.
I bought a balut duck egg from a young vendor. I remember always eating balut in the early 90s in Novaliches when I first began living on my own. I was then 14 years old, immediately just before I worked as a waiter in an all-the-way club in Sapang Palay where a dancer almost twenty years my senior initiated me in the ways of the flesh.
I arrived in Cebu, the final destination for my magical mystery tour, as dawn came. A new day in a new land!
I went to Cebu for pure wanderlust but it has become more of a spiritual journey. I fell in love with the place. Nothing spectacular; there's just something that made me want to stay longer. At the same time, I also had semi-new painful experiences that I swore will never happen. I won'…

My Favorite Song From Norman Saleet

July 1 Wednesday Songs

This Time I Know It's Real

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