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The Best of Freddie Aguilar

The Wednesday Songs June 28, 2017


Bulag, Pipi At Bingi


Bayan Ko

Ipaglalaban Ko

Kumusta Ka, Aking Mahal

Ang Umaayaw Ay 'Di Nagwawagi


Sa Kuko Ng Agila


Magbago Ka 

Estudyante Blues 

Minamahal Kita



Habang May Buhay


Buhay Nga Naman ng Tao


Mga Bata Sa Negros


Tuloy Ang Laban


Mahal Na Mahal Na Mahal Kita 


The Greatest Hits

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Young Love, Sweet Love

Saturday Stories June 24, 2017

Their families were shocked when Rock (Sam Concepcion) got his girlfriend Tracy (Tippy Dos Santos) pregnant because they are so young. 

Rock knows it's not easy to have a super-rich girlfriend:

"...'Di ko pwedeng  isakay sa jeepney, sobrang usok at sikip..."

His family is middle-class. His father, Pol (Ogie Alcasid), teaches guitar. Pol is also a songwriter with a very famous composition...

" bubong ng bahay,
'di maiwasang gumawa ng 
'di inaasahang bagay..."

Actually, that was only his song. His students began to complain about playing it over and over again, and he taught them about the need for inspiration in writing a song: 

"...Kapag nag-iisa't kasama ang gitara,
basta't dumarating ang kanta,
awiting maaari rin kung may kasama,
tambol mo ay butas na lata..."

Rock sang his undying love for Tracy when they were alone in the small chapel in her estate when the two families met. 

ko sa habang …

The Best of Eugene Villaluz and The New Minstrels

Wednesday Songs June 21, 2017

Nothing I Want More

Ikaw, Ako, Tayo (Magkakakapatid)

Gulong Ng Palad

No Video
I Don't Love You Anymore


Kahit Na Magtiis

Pagdating Ng Takipsilim

Why Did I Go

What'll I Do 

Let's Put It All Together

This Is The Moment

Once In A While

Medley of Classics The New Minstrels and The Circus Band

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Into The World Of The Mystical

Saturday Stories June 17, 2017

One of the first books that I've read over and over when I was a child is Reader's Digest: Into The Unknown, the now-classic one-volume encyclopedia on supernatural phenomena. As I grew up, I began to get more deeply involved into the world of the so-called occult.
Yet though I have no hang-ups about such things, I avoid discussing it with those who relentlessly inflict their moral judgments instead of actually listening, smugly convinced that they already know everything.
I'm familiar and comfortable with the ideas of spirits and mystical healing, of reading minds and channeling of nonphysical entities.
Then I saw all of those elements come together when I saw Seklusyon, the story of young men going into seclusion before becoming full-pledged priests.
But I also realized how much my worldview has changed about the nature of what people call the "battle of good versus evil."
Eric Matti is one of my favorite movie directors. A…

The Best of VST & Company

Wednesday Songs  June 14, 2017

Ikaw Ang Aking Mahal

Awitin Mo At Isasayaw Ko

Ipagpatawad Mo


Rock Baby Rock

I-Swing Mo Ako with Sharon Cuneta

Swing It, Baby

Step No, Step Yes


VST & Company Greatest Hits

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Can Decent Men Compromise?

Saturday Stories June 10, 2017

The Americans don't trust him because his brother is the leader of the insurgents, but the people of the town respect and obey him so they need him.
The rebels don't trust him either, but they want him to spy for them so they need him too.
There are just some situations which would have been funny if they weren't so tragic.
Rafael (Joel Torre) is the village captain of the small town of San Isidro, as were his father and grandfather before him. That was his only dream: to live a simple and quiet yet meaningful life.
One day, he saw his entire life change right before his eyes.
Spain had just lost her war againts the United States and surrendered the nations she had invaded including the Philippines. American soldiers descended on their bucolic town and made it their own.
Rafael presented himself as a friend of the invading forces in order to protect his own people. In one of his secret meetings with the rebels in their secret camp in the m…

The Best of Rainmakers

Wednesday Songs  June 7, 2017


You And Me  

Miss Maganda

Ale, Ale

OK Sa Akin

Gabi't Araw

Pang-Umaga, Pang-Tanghali At Pang-Gabi

I Won't Last A Day Without You

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Saturday Stories June 3, 2017

"Once in a while, a movie comes along that is so touching, so moving, that it becomes part of you for a long, long time..." goes the trailer of the 1983 classic Saan Darating Ang Umaga (Where Will The Morning Come), written by Fanny Garcia and directed by Maryo J. De Los Reyes.
I love the movie. I love the theme song, composed by George Canseco and performed by Raymond Lauchengco. In this unforgettable cinematic experience, Ruben (Nestor De Villa) at Lorrie (Nida Blanca) were so happy when they adopted Joel (Jaypee De Guzman).
What they did not know is that their daughter Shayne (Maricel Soriano) is jealous of the boy and has become cruel to him.
Then everything changed when Ruben died.
Lorrie is blaming Joel and wants to put him back into the orphanage.
But Shayne has realized that she already loves the boy. She asks her mother to not return him to the orphanage.
"I already love Joel," she pleaded. "I don't want him to …